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* February 05, 2016 *
Don't Break My Heart and I won't break your...
VF Heartbreaker Contest
We're having a heartbreaker contest and giving away FREE heart-shaped glasses in honor of the broken hearts for valentine's day.
Simply comment here on this thread and tell us your story about breaking someone's heart or having your heart broken and we will pick 3 lucky winners to get FREE glasses!

Contest ends Monday morning!

Also, we're giving out free heart-shaped glasses if you order anything on this page of sale products.
VampireFreaks Store
Heart Shaped Glasses
Limited Time Special - Now until Sunday, while supplies last!
Purchase ANYTHING on This Page,
and get a pair of FREE heart-shaped glasses! ($14.99 regular value)
Tell us which color sunglasses you want in the 'special notes' during checkout! If you do not specify we will pick a random color. We have black, red, purple and pink!
* February 03, 2016 *
VF Friendship story winners!
After going through everyone’s VF friendship stories, I want to say that I was emotionally touched by you guys,
reading about the hardships you’ve gone through, your failed events, traveling great distances to meet, going through family issues, health issues, etc.
Yet through it all, sometimes the hard times bring you closer together and create long-lasting friendships and relationships.
It’s beautiful when you find someone you can connect with and I’m humbled and happy to be a part of bringing people together.
I wasn't that sure about this contest idea at first but I gotta say it's been one of my favorite ones in a while.
Now I know we were only supposed to pick a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner but we just couldn't narrow it down and you guys did such an awesome job and I'm feeling generous today so we've got a bunch of winners!

1st Place Winners:
Elses and SomethingElse
AlexaAdorkable and Verona
Red_Stagnation and Whitehouse
Kelican and CarefulWithThatBus

2nd Place Winners:
Shorty-Chan and DarkestLullabye
ChemicalxUnbalance and HeavenzHell
NikolidaSpi and 4tticus

3rd Place Winners:
Santanica and -Enigma-
VvelvetnightvV and kanedark66
Emily_Strange_575 and Joewiz92
east and breathquiet and 1x37

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and great job with the stories.
1st Place winners - Look out for an inbox regarding your prize of the VF gift certificate and matching VF tshirts
2nd and 3rd Place winners - we will automatically activate your premium membership and featured member spots. :-)
* February 03, 2016 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

T-Bex * DeadlyNightShade13

Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* February 02, 2016 *
Writhe and Shine #361 - Introspection
* February 01, 2016 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!


Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* January 31, 2016 *
VF Beta Updates!
VampireFreaks 3.0 Beta Updates!
  • Cult Admin functions fixed for modifying member status, user titles and deleting / banning cult members.
  • Search options - can now search for only online members.
  • Friends online now shows on mobile version.
  • Mobile navigation links improved / updated.
  • Premium purchase functions enabled.
  • Cult popup threads now disabled on mobile, and optional on desktop. You can disable the popup threads by editing your cult.
  • Cult forum layout fixed on mobile to show who created each entry as well as number of replies.
  • New beta messageboard currently being worked on and tested
Also - username change function now fixed and working on the beta. If you've been waiting on a username change you can inbox me about it. The username change feature is kind of a hidden feature we had which you can request for either 20,000 vf points or a $20 fee.

Still working on a few more updates such as broadcasts, power bombs, etc. Trying to actually switch to the new beta soon, so make sure you check out VampireFreaks 3.0 Beta and give me your feedback!
* January 30, 2016 *
A VF public service announcement
* January 30, 2016 *
This Weekend Only - Lunatik Hair Dye On Sale
This Weekend Only! Get our best-selling product - Lunatik Hair Dye for only $9.99!
Plus get FREE shipping on the Hair Dye within the US!

yeah its me on the flyer! XD
* January 30, 2016 *
Interview with Defeat
And as January is nearing an end how about another great interview?

Vampire Freaks talks to UK industrial duo DEFEAT
As you well know Phlis is a dab hand at writing some decent questions to ask bands, so what did he ask the lads from DEFEAT? Well this time he decided to ask about perverse things that can be done with cotton candy, and how did DEFEAT answer this question? Read the interview here to find out :-D Full Interview with DEFEAT

* January 29, 2016 *
Friendship Story Contest ends today!
Thanks to everyone that submitted their VF friendship story, describing someone they met on VF!
Reminder that the contest ends tonight! Only takes a few minutes to submit your story and enter! VF Admins will vote on the best story over the weekend. :-)
Click here for the VF Friendship story contest

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