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* July 09, 2014 *
New VF Models!

New VF Models!
Please welcome...




All information on how to become a VF model is listed on the Models profile.

Aspiring models should join our Hopefuls cult!
* July 07, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #303 - The Difference III
* July 07, 2014 *
Featured VF Infiltration
Now that it's summertime, our VF Infiltration Unit has been doing an extra good job at keeping active, you guys rock!
Check out this new custom car decal that StrawberryRevenge put on her car:

We're always posting new infiltrations and mailing out VF promos to our awesome street team members. Let us know if you see any other awesome VF promo ideas! If you want to be a part of the VF street team / infiltration unit, check it out here:
VF Infiltration Unit
* July 03, 2014 *
VF Store; 4th of July Sale!

MURICA! Fuck Yeah!
Get 25% Off To Celebrate us kicking England's Ass! Muahahah
Check out the VF Store for 25% Off
* July 03, 2014 *
The Gargoyle Car
How about the creative mind behind this gargoyle evil car?
Make/Model: Volkswagen, made to look like a Bugatti Atlantic
Modification: Steel plating featuring gargoyle heads with glowing eyes.
Creator W.T. Burge calls it Phantoms.
Primary Drawback: Satan might want his car!

Can you dig it?

* July 03, 2014 *
VF Store Sale!
Going for just $34.39.
Offer ends tonight at Midnight!
Only 5 Left!

* July 03, 2014 *
Alternative Kid In Training.
As the first generations of alternative couples get married and have children,
more little ones go into early music training.
Too soon or rock on?

This little guy looks like he just discovered the greatest thing ever. lol megaman

* July 02, 2014 *
Check out this Episode of Ghost Tentacles!
In this episode of GhostTentacles,
VF Models ChloeVonCreepy and Porphyria talk about some interesting facts concerning inappropriate interactions with alternative individuals.
They bring up some good points in this video and they do it with extra cuteness.:-D
Have a look and tell us what you think about it, do you agree or disagree?


* July 02, 2014 *
Creepy Art or Master Piece?
We love dark, morbid art and this installation of the dripping man suits us just fine.
Too sad or does it make the right statement?
What do you guys think about this piece? hmm

* July 02, 2014 *
Extreme Measures
For those of you who are truly Post-apocalyptic, this enclosed baby-stroller invented during the height of gas attacks in the first world war, could be a stylish and safe option if you really, really want to take a walk in the damaged atmosphere.

lol, talk about heavy duty, maybe some of us can use this when the Zombie Apocalypse happens? hmm
We can only dream can't we daydream

How do you guys feel about this?

Honesty? BLOCKED!Synthetica wrote:
Honesty is always the best policy, so they say. I say that honesty will get you blocked :rofl not that I mind, I'm a very honest person, if I think you're talking out of your arse, I will tell you. There are ways and ways of doing it, but I will tell you. So please, never ask me if your bum looks big in something if you know fine well you have a big ass...because, yeah. :blush Anyhow. Turns out a certain someone blocked me yesterday, after I informed him his homophobic slurs were making him sound like a childish bigot. Harsh? Well, let's see how this panned out. He wrote a massive butthurt journal all about how he hated how 'rude' people were when he rated them a 10 and they didn't give him a 10 back. How he couldn't understand why they were being total cunts for the sake of being cunts. Naturally, some people commented that he was really overreacting, because rates have no impact on reality and a number on the internet really shouldn't be the cause for so much rant. I added that he didn't know for a fact they were rating him back lower numbers 'just to be a cunt', that they could do it because it was their honest opinion. I also agreed with another poster, that he was being a brat about it, because each time someone disagreed, he'd respond with a "I don't care about ratings, I care about people being dicks just because they can!!" Really, though, does it matter? They're strangers, you're never going to encounter these people offline, their opinion of you should have no bearing on how you feel in yourself. He responded by naming and shaming the girls who had rated him a -3, and called them all 'ugly dykes'. Funny...were they all 'Ugly Dykes' when you were rating them a 10? That 10 you clearly care nothing for, because netiquette dictates you should automatically get one back. That's not being polite, that's called entitlement. Entitlement I equate with such people as the rude pricks who complain about a perfectly good meal that has one meatball less than another persons dinner, and then expects to get everything for free for the rest of their dining experience because of this 'great travesty'. OH NOES! You are no more entitled to a 10 because YOU think it's the done thing, than they are entitled to a free dinner just because. Everyone has an opinion, and sometimes it's going to be one you don't agree with. I imagine there will be several who disagree with this, but you know what? That's life. Boo hoo. He later went on to defend his calling them 'ugly dykes' by saying he wouldn't censor his views for anyone. Okay, that's fine, but it still doesn't make you any less butthurt because they didn't give you what you expected. It also doesn't make you sound any less of a guy with 'nice guy syndrome'. Nor will using the phrase "I like to twist the knife in my enemies" when you're called on it - excuse me? Enemies? These people are strangers. You don't have to spend time with them, but I'm guessing you took the time to visit their profile. You walked into 'their' little space on the internet, that was your choice. Them not liking you withstanding. Srsly tho - rates matter 0% Naming and shaming those who didn't give you one won't make others think twice :lol

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