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* October 09, 2015 *
Get to know VF Model UnpardonableSin

Get to know VF Model UnpardonableSin

Unpardonable Sin lives in NY and was born in Union Springs, Alabama. She began modeling as a teen for figure drawing art classes and began alternative modeling after being approached by a site-modeling agent. She currently works as a commercial photographer in the tobacco industry and has her own photography business under the alias of Sinn Studios, which specializes in portrait photography and lifestyle. Under her career as a photographer, Sin has been able to travel to some of the states as well as overseas to France. She plans on traveling more in the future.

She has two college degrees, one being a BA in studio art, with a concentration in portraiture, and the other being a BS in English, with a concentration in ancient literature through literature of the Renaissance. She would like to go back to school again sometime in the future for a degree in Philosophy as it was a subject she took many courses on during her education and never quite satisfied her "thirst to know more" on the subject.

In her spare time, when she's not working or modeling, Sin fills her time with long hikes (with her camera always around her neck so as to capture the beauty of nature), reading, drawing, writing or spending time with her toy Chihuahua "Piggy." She describes herself as being a "home body," since oftentimes most of her time is spent in or close to home, as well as a "walking contradiction," because her style is always changing. "One day I'll look completely alternative, and the next I'll be wearing blue jeans and an oversized flannel, but something black is always in my wardrobe."

Random Unpardonable Sin Facts
  • Obsession: TMNT, especially Raphael. She has him tattooed on her!
  • Extreme waist trainer. Her waist is currently down to 20 inches.
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Food: Pasta with garlic
  • Logolept
  • Passionately hates oranges and orange juice.
  • Has a crazy sock collection consisting of foods, disney films & comic book characters.
  • Takes many blackmail worthy photos with silly faces and spam sends them to people.
  • Known VampireFreaks gallery stalker.
  • Collects a new stuffed bunny every year.

    You can get to know more about UnpardonableSin on her VF profile!
  • * October 08, 2015 *
    VF Models Sets!

    Check out the newest work from our VF Models!


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    * October 07, 2015 *
    Aesthetic Perfection news
    October 16th - The original 'Necessary Response' album, 'Blood Spills Not Far From the Wound' is going to be re-released as a new remastered version under the 'Aesthetic Perfection' name. These songs were originally intended to be released under 'Aesthetic Perfection', so Daniel Graves is going to be reclaiming this album with some extra added goodies so that it can all be under the same project.
    "Revived with newly recorded vocals, and new artwork. Remixed, re-mastered, and lead by the unreleased B-Side “Never Enough”. Also features a piano rework of “Devotion” with Lauren Krothe (as heard on Imperfect and the title track from All Beauty Destroyed). This is not your typical album re-release, it is a complete re-envisioning of the record that never was. Graves has finally brought this album back into the Aesthetic Perfection fold, bringing the band one step closer to what he’s always wanted it to be."
    Check out the full info here:

    Check out the new Aesthetic Perfection video for 'Never Enough':

    * October 07, 2015 *
    URN Interview
    New Music Interview

    Interview with URN
    URN are a great band indeed, they have been compared to the likes of the greats like My Dying Bride and Nightwish. In our interview URN tell us about working with Scott Clendenin as well as a little about their new album plus much more. Read our interview here Full Interview with URN
    * October 06, 2015 *
    VampireFreaks at New York ComicCon This Week!

    VampireFreaks will be at New York ComicCon once again this week! This sold-out event is the largest pop-culture convention in the East Coast! Catch us at our usual booth #2380!

    Also we are hosting Cybertron as an unofficial ComicCon After Party this Saturday.
    Featuring a special performance by Aesthetic Perfection performing Necessary Response.

    Click Here for Cybertron Info
    * October 05, 2015 *
    VF Models Sets!

    Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

    Luin * Psychara

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    * October 02, 2015 *
    Get to know VF Model Dingelientje!

    Get to know VF Model Dingelientje

    Dingelientje is a heavily inked model from the Netherlands. She's been a long term member from Vampirefreaks and met a lot of people here who are now friends in real life too. She's traveled a few times to different countries to meet up with people. Occasionally she visits VF Model Schok_p0p in Belgium and this year she also visited Fisk in Denmark.

    Her work is a creative outlet and most of the themes she works on are her own ideas and concepts. She's very colorful, has a lot of wigs, a very varied wardrobe and owns a lot of very unique props. She also started a tiny business making custom shell bras for other models and basically anyone who fancies the mermaid life. At the moment she only sells shell bras but she's busy on adding beautiful accessories to the collection that go well with the theme.

    You can take a look at her shop here:

    She's got a very big heart for animals and currently owns two ferrets. She's trying to become a crazy ferret lady. The ink on her left arm are mainly portraits of pets she owned and loved dearly, to remember them and the amount of love she got in return from them.

    Random Dingelientje Facts
  • Her webshop's called Shelltastic Gklieter
  • She's got a triad and a heartagram inked on her thumbs.
  • The little mermaid's the reason why Dingelientje dyes her hair red.
  • Her two ferrets are called Sok and Pien.
  • She has a strange collection of taxidermy and animals in formalin.
  • One time she went bowling, she almost lost her finger.
  • Dingelientje knew her boyfriend from Vampirefreaks, they just never really talked until they actually met in real life.
  • She owns a ton of wigs for photoshoots only.
  • She's an Aries.
  • She can't smell.

    You can get to know more about Dingelientje on her VF profile!
  • * September 30, 2015 *
    IAMX new album comes out October 2nd!
    IAMX's new album 'Metanoia' comes out in a couple days!

    Check out the new single:
    'Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me' (Single Mix)

    "It was a combination of despair and depression and insomnia, and it was very difficult," Corner explains, "It took me a long time to get through it, but I learned a lot about myself, and I developed a new set of mental tools that allowed me survive.

    "For about a year, I really thought that music was one of the things that was hurting me psychologically," he continues. "I went though a lot of therapy, and eventually I realized that it's all down to my own choices. And I realized that it wasn't the music that was hurting me, it was just that I had to reprogram myself to approach things in a different way, and it became very clear to me that I still wanted to make music more than ever."

    Corner emerged from this period of intense self-examination with a new attitude towards his role as a musician and artist. He also relocated from Berlin, which had served as the London native's base since 2008, to the sunnier environs of Los Angeles. The change of scene, and the artist's renewed enthusiasm, are reflected throughout Metanoia.

    "I spent seven years in Berlin, and I absolutely love that city," Corner notes. "But I could have been anywhere, because I was quite isolated. And I would always end making the records in winter, which is very dark and oppressive in Berlin, so, combined with the emotional turmoil of the writing, I ended up digging my own hole. So I decided to get out and go to L.A.

    "This is the first record I've made in a long time without being manically stressed," Corner notes. "I was very conscious of wanting to move into a more relaxed phase of my life, so I intentionally took a lot of the time pressure and work stress out of record-making, and made it as easy on myself as I could. That was very different, because each time I've made a record in the past, there's been a tour booked and a manager breathing down my neck, and the depression came from that stress. So this was like going back to the beginning, where you're just doing it for pure enjoyment."

    IAMX Tourdates:

    Oct. 6 - Constellation Room, Costa Mesa, CA
    Oct. 7 - The Casbah, San Diego, CA
    Oct. 9 - Fonda Theater, Los Angeles, CA
    Oct. 10 - Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
    Oct. 12 - Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR
    Oct. 13 - Neumo’s, Seattle, WA
    Oct. 16 - Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT
    Oct. 17 - Marquis Theater, Denver, CO
    Oct. 19 - Varsity Theater, Minneapolis, MN
    Oct. 20 - Bottom Lounge, Chicago, IL
    Oct. 22 - The Shelter, Detroit, MI
    Oct. 23 - Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ON, Canada
    Oct. 24 - Virgin Mobile Corona Theater, Montreal, QC, Canada
    Oct. 26 - Brighton Music Hall, Boston, MA
    Oct. 27 - Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PA
    Oct. 28 - U Street Music Hall, Washington, DC
    Oct. 30 - Webster Hall, New York, NY
    * September 30, 2015 *
    VF Models Sets!

    Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

    SirePlague * AngelMurder

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    * September 29, 2015 *
    VF Store Batty Sale - 30% OFF
    VF Store Batty Sale: Getting ready for halloween so we are doing a sale on all things 'Bat Related' (including a few VF items) here:

    Swearing is caringUndergroundMuse wrote:
    21 Things All Sweary Girls Are Tired Of Hearing (with pretty good replies in form of gif's :D) 1. “Swearing isn’t very ladylike.” Erm, I’m just as much of a lady as I was five fucks ago, thank you very much. 2. “You’re too pretty to be using such ugly words.” 3. “Girls who swear are so unattractive.” Well, three guesses who else’s judgmental ass is unattractive? (it u.) 4. “Watch your language!” 5. “Swearing is such a bad habit!” I know it’s a bad habit, but if I could stop (and actually wanted to), I would. 6. “You’ll never find a husband with that mouth.” 7. “I think you mean ‘pardon my French’, young lady.” Nah, that’s definitely not what I meant, but OK. 8. “All that swearing makes you sound so unintelligent.” 9. “Can’t you say ‘fudge’ or something?” 10. “Urgh, you need to wash your mouth out with soap.” Cool, pass me the soap and I’ll also use it to wash away the memory of this conversation. 11. “You clearly don’t have the vocabulary to express yourself without swearing.” My use of swear words isn’t an indication that I know no other words, it’s merely a colorful addition to my already impeccable vernacular. 12. “Ahem, language!” 13. “Why do you need to swear all the time?” I just enjoy it, OK! It’s fun! There’s no other reason! Except when I stub my toe or something, obviously. 14. “Swearing is low class and vulgar. No lady would swear.” 15. “I’m gonna get you a swear jar.” I’ve been through several. They didn’t work. (I bought 4 bottles of Moët & Chandon so the next time I gave them a check and told them to let me know when I need to write another one :shrug) 16. “You sound so ignorant when you swear.” 17. “I prefer girls who don’t swear.” 18. “You’re setting such a bad example! What about your kids?” 19. “You’ve clearly got a bad attitude.” 20. “Swearing is such a lazy way of expressing yourself.” 21. “You swear a lot for a girl.” Thank you! So, who else can relate to this? *raises hand* :smoke Reposted from:
    Iceland, Land of giants projectUndergroundMuse wrote:
    This design transforms mundane electrical pylons into statues on the Icelandic landscape. Making only minor alterations to well established steel-framed tower design, we have created a series of towers that are powerful, solemn and variable. These iconic pylon-figures will become monuments in the landscape. Seeing the pylon-figures will become an unforgettable experience, elevating the towers to something more than merely a functional design of necessity. The pylon-figures can be configured to respond to their environment with appropriate gestures. As the carried electrical lines ascend a hill, the pylon-figures change posture, imitating a climbing person. Over long spans, the pylon-figure stretches to gain increased height, crouches for increased strength or strains under the weight of the wires. The pylon-figures can also be arranged to create a sense of place through deliberate expression. Subtle alterations in the hands and head combined with repositioning of the main body parts in the x, y and z-axis, allow for a rich variety of expressions. The pylon-figures can be placed in pairs, walking in the same direction or opposite directions, glancing at each other as they pass by or kneeling respectively, head bowed at a town. Like the statues of Easter Island, it is envisioned that these one hundred and fifty foot tall, modern caryatids will take on a quiet authority, belonging to their landscape yet serving the people, silently transporting electricity across all terrain, day and night, sunshine or snow. Sources

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