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Sex: female
Age: 25
Location: CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee, United States
Orientation: Undecided
Married to: Deiori
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I am married. No creepy crap, yeah? No, I'll not skype you because 1 ) my camera is dead and 2) I probably don't know you.

My name is Andi! I'm 25 years old and a Gemini born on May 23rd, 1990. That's right, peeps. Year of the Horse. I believe that your birth sign/animal says a lot about you. Like being a Gemini means I have a duality that sometimes I don't notice and I'm often on the fence about things and, in being the year of the horse, I'm always charging forward and very little can stop me once I have my mind on something. I'm a parent of a daughter - but I've discovered that men suck (try to prove me wrong, that's a challenge.) I am a Witch of the Helenistic faith (if you know what that means, good for you.)

I'm also a southerner from the Great United States. I am a firm believer in patriotism and I LOVE my country. You know why? Because I'd be dead anywhere else for my extreme beliefs. I believe that change is possible. And I do believe in faeries, dragons, unicorns, and various other magical beings - but I'll be the first to tell you that love does not exist. It's a myth to me and if it exists... it's elusive. I'm talking about the love you feel for someone that isn't your family, you know? I love my daughter - but that's not what I mean. Let's see... if you want to know more about me then just ask. I'm not too elusive, I promise. Nor am I shy.

Likes & Dislikes

I LOVE my daughter, Airin. I am a person that enjoys the little things. I love walks outside, and nature, I guess that comes from being a Witch. I'm a lover or media of the musical sort and will listen to just about anything if I'm asked to. I love graphic design, writing, reading, and Poppy Z. Brite (she's the best writer in the world) I love Apollo, I love Bastet. I love making racist jokes but I'm not a racist - they're just funny. Throw one at me - I don't get offended easily. I love humor. I'm a prankster myself, actually. I love cleaning and having things in order, too. It's a sickness.

I dislike Liars, cheats, fakes. I dislike those that use others for their own personal needs and then spread lies about them. I hate being cornered and being told what to do. I cannot stand for someone to make excuses or to live in their fears. I dislike clowns, being alone, and loud noises. I also dislike it when someone tells me one thing and does another. I can't stand the "do as I say, not as I do" mentality. For example: you tell your child not to drink soda you better fucking quit yourself. I hate it when people do that shit. It's annoying. I hate it when people lie about their age. If you're 12 say you're fucking 12. Good for you. If you're 42 say you're 42. Hell, you just might be the answer to someone's universal problems! Oh and I hate bigotry people. I may make jokes and shit but no one is better than anyone else. I'm white? Good for me. You're black? Good for you? We're all the same inside and being true to you makes you who you are. Just sayin' you know? Don't ever pretend to be anything you aren't.


depeche mode. gene loves jezebel. afi. blaqk audio. emilie autumn. florence + the machine. creature feature. blood on the dance floor. nightwish. nightmare of you. lacuna coil. black tide. kamelot. my chemical romance. poe. echo and the bunny men. the doors. the cure. the used. pink. aerosmith. guns n roses. concrete blonde. disturbed. queen. him. breaking benjamin. 69 eyes. days of the new. joan jett and the black hearts. the list goes on.


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