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Sex: female
Age: 24
Location: Norway
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: VF Addict
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Owner of: ashundertheveil
Rating: 10.00
Rating points: 690
Member since: March 25, 2009
Last logged in: April 19, 2014, 08:50pm
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About Me

Ohai there! Name is Renate. I am 24yrs old and come from the northern wonderlands of Norway. Yeap thats right..im a viking, and if i dont like you ill kill you with my axe -_-

I never know what to put in these "about me thingys" and i never imagine people bothering to read them either. But -meh- here it goes. Like mentioned i am from Norway, i live in a small town, where most people know who you are, and the fact that i look like i do makes me stand out of the crowd ALOT..its something i dont mind tho, i wouldnt be comfotable being someone im not, and i really couldnt give a flying fuck what others think of me. Ive done my fear share of studying, and have done things like, Art, Photography, Interior Design, Designing (clothes), and Workign with children. I`m planning on MAYBE going back to school now tho..for a line of reasons i might tell you if you ask me nicely. To me there is nothing more important than family, their my everything and i love them to pieces. Im the eldest of two meaning i have a younger sibling, whom happends to be a girl. On my dads part i also have two step brothers, wich are both quite a bit older than me, also making me an "aunt" of 7 kiddos (yeah i know..their fucking bunnys)..and uhmm yeah, id go through hell and back for any one of them to put it simply.

Other than that im a kinda complex person, who cant even figure myself out..to put up a few little facts about me:
* Live in my own bubble.
* Overthink things way to much.
* Hates being in big crowds.
* Dislike partying and that whole shebang.
* Would die without music
* Would pretty much die without electronics at all..
* Im a goodytwoshoes who are usually far to good to people around me.
*My humor can get quite dark.
*I like to think outside the box.
* Im always brutally honest.

And ehrrr yeah i guess that`ll be it for now..if youd like to know more about me, have any questions, or just want to make a new friend..inbox or comment me. BUT NO PERVY SHIT...like really, if you get all pervy pedo style with me i swear i`m gonna hunt you down and fucking rape you with a fork and a cactus -_- With that being said...msg me before adding, i hate when people add you just to fill up their friends lists..

-Candy! (i`m so weak to this shit D:)
-Experimenting with food
-Learning new things
-Video games
-Being utterly lazy (takes up 99% of my time..)
-Making graphics
-Sarcasm & Irony

And this list will be added to again sometime..


-Judgemental people
-Self centered people whom are too high on themselves.
-People who chew with their mouth open
-People who talk loudly or are on the phone when in the cinema
-Religion (its caused to much drama to this world, but i respect you no matter.)
-14yr old fangirls
-Being told what to do
-PeOpLe WhO TaLk LiKe ThIs..or Likeeee thizzz youu knooows.
-Know it all`s.
-Getting added by people who DONT talk.

And the lost goes on into infinity...




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