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male, 29
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United States
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i am a very submissive guy, seeking a unique arrangement with a female, specifically a bitchy selfish one lol can be online only, or eventually the potential for real time, but not necessary. : : : : : : What you get: a very obedient and docile slave, who does what he's told, can do things online for you and also enjoys submitting financially (google "moneyslave" for more on that) and not looking for anything sexual, in fact, i have no issues being owned by a girl who already has a man, that doesn't matter either way to me because i'm a non-sexual slave, to benefit you, and nothing more. : : : : : : : What i need: In order to serve as explained above, i need to be humiliated, verbally abused, basically treated like trash (to be blunt)teased and tortured. My submission is 90% psychological (as opposed to physical whips and chains type) so mind fucks and mental domination is my primary need. HINT: The more extreme the humiliation, the more my need to be useful and used by you. : : : : : : : i ended a long relationship serving someone a while back, and am ready to begin looking again. i am for real, dependable, and consistent in the right situations. Please message me if you would like to know more, thanks.
humiliation - verbal abuse - commands (hate being "asked") - foot fetish - serving as a maid/butler type - financial slavery - cuckold - total power exchange - micro-management - full life control by the right woman - chastity - rules and punishment - being a puppet and tool.
sex - being treated with respect - being in control - add more later...












Jul 31, 2014, 12:11am
I already have a boyfriend to boss around and benefit financially from.
Try a fetish/sugar daddy site. Trying to solicit people on sites like these, in any way like that, is honestly just creepy.


Jul 30, 2014, 05:55pm
In regards to your inbox, yes I would like all your money.


Jul 30, 2014, 11:40am
Definitely not interested, in the least. go

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[slave-to-goth-girls] : July 30, 2014, 02:01am
>Hello, i may be very useful to you as a slave, if you ever wanted someone to boss around and use to your benefit, including financially... i am not seeking a relationship, nothing sexual, just to serve... i know this is a weird message, but if you have an open mind, please see my profile and let me know if you might be interested in talking more. Thanks!

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Jul 30, 2014, 02:16am


im taking it slow
feeding my flame
shuffling the cards of your game.