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Label: Nilaihah Records
Label Type: major
Location: Rochester, New York, United States
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Silent Auction performs their first show in NYC!!! FINAL DATE CHANGE!! Saturday, August 25th Doors open at 9pm...show starts at 10pm (as of now, Silent Auction will be the first on in the line-up, followed by Last Minet and the Zombies) Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/403763476351056/ The Irish Times/Shanghai Rock Hotel 254 West 31st Street New York, NY 10001 (212) 216-007 **Please tell the door person you are there to see SILENT AUCTION** We apologize for the repeated date change on this show - sometimes these things happen and they are out of our control. HOWEVER... this is a very exciting change for us, since now we can put on a show for you and all those who are going to the highly anticipated COVENANT show earlier that evening. The event organizer for our show is doing this to help us, and to help you! So, if you're planning on going to COVENANT in NYC, now you have an "unofficial" afterparty close by with MORE LIVE MUSIC to end your night! So put on your party hats and dancing shoes and tell your friends and loved ones your going to the Shanghai Rock Hotel August 25th to party with Silent Auction! Our set will feature mostly NEW songs from our upcoming album (still to be named) - be the first to hear them live before their released to the world! This show is part of the David VS Goliath Monthly Music Series, which leads up to the Music Festival during Fashion Week. We need as many fellow New Yorkers as possible to join us. The David vs Goliath Music Festival is only 2 years old, so come support Silent Auction AND an awesome new opportunity for indie/underground artists! In order to be invited back for the 2nd part of the Festival (in Sept and/or Feb) we need to show the festival big wigs that we can pack the house! Bring everyone you know for an AWESOME time. Tickets: $10 21+ Can't wait to see all our NYC friends and fans! xoxo t & j *Silent Auction* www.silentpro.com http://www.reverbnation.com/silentauction BRAND NEW VIDEO AND REMIX CLICK LINK BELOW!
BRAND NEW VIDEO AND REMIX CLICK LINK ABOVE! Hello:) Did you know you that we, Silent Auction, now have ALL our music to date online?! You can listen to it, dance to it, throw pillows at it, AND purchase it?! Every single sale helps us move forward with bringing new music to YOU... so please forgo those stupid torrent sites. thanks! t&j Silent Auction www.silentauction.bandcamp.com www.silentpro.com
Inspired by bands such as Depech Mode, Petshop Boys , Madonna , Iris , Mind In A Box, IAMX, Fischerspooner and many others, Silent Auction has managed to maintain its own unique blend of emotion, conviction, hardship and romance through its music. Formed in 1997 in Rochester, NY by Jason Barbero and Jason Rowe, the band began as a dark industrial project derived from grinding noises, intense rhythm programming and chaotic digital sounds. In late 2000 Silent Auction began to break away from the industrial noise scene and moved towards experimental dark wave and synthpop, with Jace Luce joining the band in 2001 to add live bass and additional vocals. Over the next two years Silent Auction began to realize their true musical direction, as chaotic life changes coupled with new influences and shifting alterations to the group lineup steered them toward a melodic and far more danceable sound. With the addition of Terri (Snyder) Barbero in 2003 as lead female vocalist and co-composer, Silent Auction completed their crossover into the realm of what is now referred to as electronica, synthpop and electro pop. Jace Luce departed the band in late 2004 to concentrate on his solo project, and in 2005 the remaining three members buckled down in earnest to write and record what was to become their first release featuring their newfound synthpop sound,"Amber Lights". On November 18th 2006 Jason Rowe announced his decision to leave Silent Auction in order to focus on his family and other commitments. In April 2008 the band introduced Brendan Bulson as there live drummer along with an new arsenal of tools for the stage. Silent Auction released their long awaited full length "H on Earth" album in summer of 2010 with great success. With the assistance of Niliahah Records for distibution and promotion, the release of "H on Earth" has helped Silent Auction gain a broader audience and fan base through the US and overseas. This CD includes 12 original songs and 2 highly successful and sought after remixes by both mind.in.a.box and Cosmicity. In January of 2012 Silent Auction signed 14 licensing agreements for 12 television shows and 2 major TV networks for the use of the entire "H on Earth" album. The band concluded their contract with live drummer Brendan Bulson in July 2012. The duo writing team is currently working on their newest full length CD and 7th release (to be titled) with a projected release in spring/summer 2013. Silent Auction's newest work showcases their passion for keeping their music modern and edgy with a continued focus on detailed electronic productions.


Homepage: http://www.silentpro.com
Link 1: http://www.silentauction.bandcamp.com
Link 2: http://www.youtube.com/user/silentprodotcom?featur
Link 3: http://www.facebook.com/silentpro?sk=app_240516794

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