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Label: Infacted Recordings
Label Type: indie
Bangkok & London
United Kingdom
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Formed in 2008, SHIV-R is all about impact and has already made a menacing impression upon the dark music scene worldwide. The duo, originally from Australia, has been called one of THE new acts of the moment and instantly drew the attention of industrial record label heavyweights Infacted Recordings (Germany) and Metropolis Records (USA), who simultaneously released SHIV-R's breathtakingly powerful debut album "Hold My Hand" in 2010.
Combining solid club beats with eerie soundscapes, the quality and hard-hitting production of “Hold My Hand” immediately established SHIV-R as one of the top new talents in the dark electro genre, leading legendary artist/producer Kolja Trelle (SOMAN) to comment: "SHIV-R is one of the very few newcomer projects delivering true quality".

Comprised of members Virul3nt (Pete Crane), musician behind THE CRYSTALLINE EFFECT, and Kong (Lee Bulig), sole mastermind behind STARK, the two collaborated sporadically for many years before combining to form the symbiotic force that is SHIV-R.
Following the release of their debut album "Hold My Hand", SHIV-R's sinister invitation was extended with the launch of the controversial filmclip to their song "The End", resulting in the group being labelled "Kranken und Gesterten" ("sick and deranged") by one outraged viewer. The dark voice of SHIV-R's Pete Crane was also heard in the REAPER single "Dirty Cash", which charted in the Top 5 of the all-important DAC (German Alternative Charts). SHIV-R continues to spread their monstrous club-sound to dancefloors worldwide through prolific remix work for artists including GOD MODULE, IMPLANT, SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK, XP8, SIVA SIX and SAM, and the band is also a powerful live force, having played at some of Europe's most esteemed dark festivals including Infest UK, Summer Darkness Netherlands and NCN Festival Germany, as well as having played in every major city in Australia including supporting acts such as GRENDEL, NACHTMAHR, GOD MODULE, GENITORTURERS and AESTHETIC PERFECTION.
In December 2010, to coincide with their slot as featured support act for the Australian leg of COMBICHRIST's "Monsters on Tour", SHIV-R released the "Incision" EP, upgrading their sonic arsenal with an entirely new musical weapon for the dancefloor. Slower and heavier than anything previously heard on “Hold My Hand”, “Incision” fuses depth-charge PRODIGY-style drumbeats with heavy guitar riffs, and a low vocal delivery reminiscent in places of MARILYN MANSON.

Haunting and elegant, SHIV-R extended their gossamer presence in 2011 with a second full-length album, "This World Erase". With the crushingly emotive title track and the grindingly slow vampiric dirge of "This Fix", SHIV-R show yet another aspect of their musical identity, while simultaneously asserting dancefloor dominance heavier than ever with club annihilators such as "God is Art" and "Alpha Omega", leading "This World Erase" to spend 5 weeks in the DAC. As their unsettling influence extends in a society alarmingly comprised of the desensitised and the apathetic, SHIV-R’s objective remains to leave listeners unnerved, elated and above all affected; “We won’t stop. We won’t hold back. We want to see what’s inside you”.
Sounds Like
Haus Arafna vs Marilyn Manson
Hocico, Headscan, Haus Arafna, Combichrist, Megalopsy, S.K.E.T, Infected Mushroom, Soman












Dec 23, 2015, 12:28am
I do apologies for spaming but, if you can please do check out my new song Bloody Circuitry and do give me some feed back good or bad. Thank you so much and as to why I ask is because I'm a big long time fan of yours as well and would love some insperation or criticism lol. Again thank you so much.

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