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Label: Transmission 222
Label Type: indie
Flat Rock , Michigan
United States
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Registered: 9/16/08
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The on-stage chemistry that Rotation displays is genuine; all members grew up together in the small town of Flat Rock, Michigan and even attended the same high school. After years of playing locally in rival bands, the friends wanted to pursue music seriously and dropped their respective projects to band together. "Michigan has got to be one of the most depressing places in America" says Rotation's frontman Andy, "Everyone is out of work, everyone is poor and the people who can afford it are moving away." This bleak, cold backdrop is where the five-piece rock outfit draws their inspiration. With dynamic, thought-provoking lyrics and a heavy-handed approach to their music, the band has fast become a force to be reckoned with in the region. "This definitely isn't California, says guitarist Sonic, "We have to work three times as hard just to survive out here." And with that hard-working, DIY attitude the quintet continues to define itself with larger than life anthems and artistry. With heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics and organic, yet precision production, Rotation pushes the envelope further with each endeavor. Coupled with packed headlining shows and sharing the stage with bands like We The Kings, Sick Puppies, Mayday Parade, Rookie Of The Year and Chevelle, Rotation's genre-bending music continues to grow their already large and dedicated fan base. Rockstar Energy Drinks also fully supports the band, and more sponsors are jumping on the bandwagon all the time. With their full length album 'The Curse of 1990' hitting stores, iTunes and Amazon.com right now, the future is definitely spinning in the right direction for Rotation.