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Narcotic Puppeteers

Fuck government, organized religion, police, cookie cutter bands, major record labels, guilt, narcissism and fascism. We ARE the new breed of audio terrorists. We don't aspire to be on the "charts." The major label idea is DEAD. Indie bands FTW!!
Status: I am not afraid of the future. It holds no bearing on how I turn out as a person in the end. Check out our page and vote or like the hell out of it!
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Label: One Free Hand
Label Type: indie
Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Member since: June 15, 2010
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Latest Journal Entry: Colorado Goth Fest   May 14, 2015, 06:58pm

we are, Those Who Pull The Strings, and remember this....if you knew us, would it matter any more than it does right now??? we are Auto Nix, Samael, Bloodcherry and Sloth. We are in love with the idea that we can reach listeners and help them attain a sense of self empowerment through our music. We shed light on all of the darkness we embrace and encourage you to do the same. There is no journey if you never take a step outside of the fragile shell that is your own "microcosm" true? We like to think so and we've delved outside of our "microcosm" and find it to be quite liberating. Join us in sickness, and help us wake the masses to the atrocities that they endure via our government, "normal" social constructs, theological agendas and ignorant "sheeple" that try to keep us all down with violence,fear, propaganda and narrow minded mentalities. This is a cause for relevant freedom, a way to "jump ship" from the mundane and connect to the searing truth of the eclectic and those who forge their own path! a Narcotic Puppeteer...I wonder what that makes me? Well for starters, we don't believe in posting pictures of ourselves here on our VF page because the music is what is vital and important for you to understand. Our own personal looks have no importance in this arena. We are but cogs in a vast machine made up of many, many other cogs that are just like you as well! We also want to approach our live shows with a lot of free flowing "jams" so to speak with our tracks that we've produced fluidly weaving in and out of the improvisational pieces of audio shrapnel that will reflect our moods, ideas and emotions on any given night that we perform. So expect a lot of stuff you've never heard and probably won't again due to the impromptu nature of these unreheared, free form pieces as well as our established tracks. Check out our VF exclusive E.P. "On The Prowl" available for download now! It's dirt cheap price wise so what have you got to lose? Pick up a copy!! It's only three American dollars for fuck's sake for six tracks! Also our other E.P. "Aural Asylum" available all over the net at places like iTunes, Amazon, Napster, you all get the idea.
Clock DVA, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Combichrist, Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb, Venetian Snares, Stunt Rock, Wumpscut, KMFDM, God Module, Rammstein, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and Atari Teenage Riot at times, yet we don't shamelessly copy their styles either.
narcotics, ONA, sex, murder, deviance, sharp things, the cold of a dark alley, the cries of the frightened on city streets, insanity, b horror films, pornography, the ability to deny any deities and government dogma the ability to control us, cameras, and all of you.

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