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* August 03, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #347 - Calling the Shots
* July 30, 2015 *
Boston I am inside you

VampireFreaks is in boston this weekend for Boston ComicCon!
If you're in the area come by the booth and hang with us! XD
Booth # is B717 - B719
* July 28, 2015 *
Trash and Vaudeville is moving
St. Marks place has been the hub of nyc goth and punk fashion since the 70s, although the past few years have shown a significant change in the area. Once by one the alternative stores have dropped off, being replaced by fast food and japanese restaurants. Perhaps the most recognizable alternative store, 'Trash and Vaudeville', has decided to move locations after 40 years.
Like many other cities, NYC has been a victim of gentrification and the rising real-estate market which seems to price out anything artistic and alternative. Besides the downfall of St Marks, every month we have news of another music venue that has shut down because it just couldn't afford to pay rent. Not to mention the VF store closing after 3 years in business.
As much as we love NYC, it is sad that it is being increasingly less affordable, and losing its artistic character. The artists and alternative kids made the east village a fun place, thereby increasing the real-estate value and then the alternative kids couldn't afford to live there anymore. They got pushed out to brooklyn and queens and jersey, and even some of these parts have become overpriced.
I see a lot of my friends moving away from NYC to more affordable places and each time it makes me contemplate that maybe it's time to move. Maybe it's time to move to detroit and snatch up some cheap property, just like Galapagos art space But alas NYC is still home.
Much love to the Trash and Vaudeville crew for keeping subculture fashion alive.
* July 27, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #346 - Cold Call
* July 26, 2015 *
The Mystery Of The Phantom Smearer
What's New In Our Music Interviews?

Beauty Queen Autopsy
Have you ever heard of Beauty Queen Autopsy? If you haven't then you should. Beauty Queen Autopsy is a collaboration between Caustic's Matt and Unwoman's Erica. The collaboration proves immense, with Matt's music and provocative lyrics coupled with Erica's soft sultry sexy and powerful vocals you get magic made in heaven. Read our interview here Full Interview with Beauty Queen Autopsy

Hailing from Australia DARKC3LL are very dark and devious. They have recently toured USA with the amazing Davey Suicide. In this interview with Vampire Freaks DARKC3LL tell us all about their recent tour, what place in the USA holds magic to them and about The Mystery of the Phantom Smearer. Read the full interview here Interview with DARKC3LL

* July 24, 2015 *
VF Store - Clearance blowout sale

The VampireFreaks Store is having a Clearance Blowout Sale! We're slashing prices on over 300 items, including mens and womens clothing, shoes, toys, jewelry and more.
So get them while they last! Sale ends this Monday July 26th.

Click Here to view all our clearance items!.

* July 22, 2015 *
This Weeks Discount On The VFStore!

20% OFF The Skull Lace Curse Dress

Get this really cool dress for 20% OFF this week only on the VF Store! :-)
Grab yours while supplies last!

VampireFreaks Store | All Dresses

* July 21, 2015 *
VampireFreaks Salute Contest 2015
Contest: Submit a salute of yourself.
A salute is an image where you prove that you are really the person in your images!
Yes, with the amount of fakers all over the internet pretending to be people they're not, it is nice to have a salute.
How to create a salute:
Take a picture of yourself (or a video)
Holding a sign up that has your username, and that says 'vampirefreaks' on it.

Contest Prizes:
1st Prize: $100 plus one year VF Premium Membership and be Featured Member for a day
2nd Prize: $50 Gift Certificate to the VampireFreaks Store
3rd Prize: a VampireFreaks tshirt plus one year VF Premium Membership

To enter, upload your salute to your vampirefreaks account, then post the image as a comment on this thread.
Feel free to be creative with it! Doesn't have to be a sign, just has to have your username and 'vampirefreaks' in the image.
CANNOT be digitally edited / photoshopped. Meaning, you cant write your username onto your picture digitally. NO photoshop / MS paint / or any other editing programs. It must be physically written in real life. Whether it's written on a piece of paper or a wall or your own body, it is fine. But it cannot be digitally manipulated.

Contest Deadline:
August 4th
* July 20, 2015 *
Skype / Kik
Hey guys,
Please don't be that person that is suckered into believing that Jet is asking you to Skype or Kik with him, Jet usually only uses Skype to talk to people he actually knows, not to message random girls online and he doesn't even have Kik.

Feel free to report anyone pretending to be Jet or any member of Admin staff.
You can report these people to Skype Staff or Kik Staff or if they are pretending / harassing you on, please report them to us HERE

Thanks for your attention, hope your week is going good so far :-)

* July 20, 2015 *
Lunatik Hair Dye!

VF Model with
Lunatik Hair Dye

Color: VF Purple
(Diluted with conditioner to create Lavender)
Model: ChloeVonCreepy
Photographer: SkeletonKey
Full Set: Here

Fat Sparkle Tits: Vol 2. #1 Casey Strange and I.Gargantuan wrote:
It's been months and I was still mourning the loss of my beloved Winnie Dick. I missed his gummy smile, his arthritic fingers, and our sex that reeked of infection and moist ass. To celebrate his life, I decided to make a profile on OkCupid and look for some guys who needed some lovin' in their lives because I certainly needed some. My main picture was the pic Winnie took off of me during our dates at the nursing home. My red hair in an Ariana Grande ponytail, my tongue sticking out with hot sauce all over my face and H sized boobs (the nips were blurred out) with Winnie's dentures in my hand with a crowd of cheering old geezers behind me. After filling out my profile, I refreshed the page and I had 20 messages. WOW! It has only been 10 minutes of me being on here. All the messages were pretty forward except for one. "You need to have more respect for yourself, you slut." I clicked on his profile. Wow, what a dream boat. :loveeyes Those beautiful brown eyes, that hair..slightly greasy looking but the way it flowed in pictures. That style, wow. Man, I wanted to get to know him more. "For you, I'd do anything." He replied almost instantly asking "You wanna come over?" I wore my best booty shorts and a black tanktop, curled my hair and went over to his place. I knocked on the door. He answered and gave me the weirdest look. "You're a bit fatter than I expected." He said. I blushed and made my way in. "Wow, cool place." I whispered. The floor was covered in cat hair and Snicker bar wrappers, we passed by a morbidly obese woman on the reclining chair watching "Hoarders". "How much you pay for this one, Casey?!" She guffawed as she looked up and down at me. "Shut up mom! I FUCKIN HATE YOU YOU DUMB BITCH!!" Casey shrilled. We go into his room. It was a dark room lit by a red light. Posters all over the room, but I started to notice the same faces adorned the walls. "Who are these people?" Casey takes his shirt( he had hella taco meat chest hairs :die) and grabs my ass "Christian Death. Such a great band." I didn't even realize there was a curtained off little area.."What the fuck is back there?" I asked. He slapped my ass lightly. "Don't be rude, if you wanna see, just ask." I walked over and slowly pulled the curtain open. What was in front of my eyes fascinated and terrified me. Turns out it was a mini walk-in closet, with the curtain acting as the door. Christmas lights lit the inside of a closet, candy and candles all over the floor with weird ass stickers taped to the wall. There was a cabinet hanging from the ceiling and a piece of twine hanging from it. A life sized cut out cardboard of some dude (or woman, IDK) looked me solemnly in the eyes. "Whoaaaaaa. This is some Helga from Hey Arnold shit, man" "DON'T YOU DARE INSULT ROZZ WILLIAMS" he shrieked. He pulled me away so quick that I lost my balance and fell, reflexively I grabbed onto the wall to help break my fall, I heard a rip before my fat ass landed on the floor. "noooo, omg what are you DOING?!" Casey screamed. "Babe, Im so sorry." I whimpered as I got up, tears were in his eyes as he clutched the ripped picture against his chest. I pulled my wallet out "Here how much was it? $5? $10?" "$450 you bitch!!" He went to slap me, but I grabbed his wrist just in time. "You don't want to do that babe" I said softly. I start feeling up his body, touching his barely there muscles. I started kissing him, at first he resisted my soft, deep kisses then he started to growl and reciprocated. He tried to pick me up but he strained so he gave up on that and pushed me onto his bed. He starts dry humping me furiously . He clapped his hands and music started to play. I threw out a few fake moans to make him feel good. "Wait, do me a favor" he says. He jumps off the bed and goes into the curtained room and comes out with a wig and throws it to me. "Wear that" It reeked of mothballs and stinkbug. "Fuck no. You're too weird, even for me..and I fucked a man triple my age ffs." I said as I threw the wig at his face. "Don't go please." he pleaded. I run out of his room into the living room and his fat mom was topless on the recliner, leering at me. "Hey there, toots. I'm next." I start screaming bloody murder and run to the door. I stop screaming and look back at the mom. "Eh, fuck it" I say to myself. I get naked and I go fuck his mom. It was pretty fun tbh :shrug

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