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Combichrist: We Love Tour Part 2
* July 24, 2014 *

Combichrist announces new US tour dates!

And a few hours after their announcement, they decide to remove 'Blood on The Dancefloor' from the bill, so stay tuned for updates on a replacement support act!

Official post from Combichrist:
To our fans,
As you’ve seen with all of our tours, when we select our support acts, we attempt to bring acts that will help introduce Combichrist to fans outside of our fanbase. This has worked well for us in the past, and it was in this spirit that we invited Blood On The Dance Floor to tour with us. Like all announcements, we knew that this decision would be met with some concern but we thought that the different styles would be the source of conversation. We were not aware of the controversy about their past behavior. It has been difficult to read everything posted today; our sole goal is to bring you a kick ass tour that you can be excited and proud of and it’s become clear that we won’t be able to do that with the choice we made. As a result we have released Blood On The Dance Floor from this tour and are rethinking our direct support. We expect to have a new announcement for you shortly.

Thank you for your honesty and integrity.
You stand by us, we stand by you.

Oct. 2 Tampa, FL @ Orpheum Theater
Oct. 3 Raleigh, NC @ Southland Ballroom
Oct. 4 Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club
Oct. 5 Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage
Oct. 7 Amityville, NY @ Revolution Bar & Music Hall
Oct. 8 Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom
Oct. 9 Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
Oct. 10 Pontiac, MI @ The Crofoot
Oct. 11 St. Louis, MO @ The Ready Room
Oct. 12 Tulsa, OK @ The Vaguard
Oct. 14 San Antonio, TX @ The White Rabbit
Oct. 16 Tempe, AZ @ Club Red
Oct. 17 Pomona, CA @ The Glass House
Oct. 18 Salt Lake City, UT @ In the Venue
Oct. 19 Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theater
Oct. 21 Denver, CO @ The Summit Music Hall
Oct. 23 Columbia, MO @ The Blue Note
Oct. 24 Louisville, KY @ The Vernon Club
Oct. 25 Toledo, OH @ Mainstreet
Oct. 26 Buffalo, NY @ The Waiting Room
Oct. 28 Knoxville, TN @ The Concourse
Oct. 29 Covington, KY @ The Madison Theater

VF Presents This Week in NYC!
* July 22, 2014 *
Come out and Party with us!

This Thursday in NYC:
EXILE: Free VF Party
This Thursday, July 24th
Ultra-Violet Blacklight Party Edition
Featuring DJ's Jet, AnnabelEvil and guest Damian Plague

This Saturday in NYC:
Cybertron Vs Stimulate
This Saturday, July 26th
Featuring Live performances by Grendel and LudovicoTechnique

Brick and Mortar Goth and Alternative Shops - RazorzEdge
* July 22, 2014 *
Alternative models from RazorzEdgeFrom time to time, we cover unique bastions of Alternative and Goth culture and while we were looking for brick and mortar stores that serve our genres in the United States, we came upon a company called RazorzEdge. We were intrigued as much for who was involved (one of our favorite bands has a member at the store), but also for where it is located, in Tucson Arizona. Read more about this little gem here; http://tinyurl.com/kkskv2h and let us know what other shops or other Goth / Alternative companies we should be covering.

VF Summer Swimwear Contest
* July 21, 2014 *
Enter a picture of yourself in a swimsuit / bathing suit, with a sign that says 'VampireFreaks gets me hot', OR holding a VampireFreaks sticker.


1st Place:
$100 Gift Certificate to the VampireFreaks Store, plus be featured member for a day, plus 1 year premium membership.

2nd Place:
$50 Gift Certificate to the VampireFreaks Store, plus 1 year VF premium membership

3rd Place:
VF Promo pack, including a VF Tshirt, VF Rubber Bracelets, VF Syringe pens, plus choose the VF featured cult or band for a week.

You MUST have a sign or sticker in the picture. No exceptions, no photoshopped signs.
Contest is open to both guys and girls!
Ages 18+ only. (Sorry, we'll do another all-ages contest soon!)
To enter, simply submit your picture as a comment on this thread.
Deadline: August 4th (you have 2 weeks!)

Writhe and Shine #305 - Not My Fault
* July 21, 2014 *

Because Badass
* July 18, 2014 *

Get Your Pair Here!

Skeleton and Bones Romance
* July 18, 2014 *
How about this little cutie for your desk-top?
Might be a romantic gift for your lover too, especially if they like skeletons and Bones!

Privacy Updates - part 2
* July 16, 2014 *
Fixed a couple small bugs regarding the recent privacy updates:
Age-restricted blocks bug fixed where certain people were wrongfully blocked.
Fixed bug where new privacy functions were only available to premium members. Sorry this was not meant to be a premium feature! As usual, only premium members can see who viewed them and who rated them, as well as no ads, broadcasts, and other goodies.

Also made it so that if you have recently received a message (inbox, comment, pic comment, status comment) from a user, the age-limit and friend-limit blocks will be lifted for that user.

Thanks for the feedback, if you guys have any additional suggestions on how to improve VF, let us know!

Privacy Updates
* July 15, 2014 *
New Privacy Options available on the 'edit settings' page:
You can now choose who is able to contact you!
You can set age minimums or age maximums, and you can also set it so that only friends can contact you on VF.
This feature will block users from sending you inbox messages, comments, journal comments or status comments.
I do recommend not restricting your contacts to 'friends only' in particular, because people won't be able to message you if they're not your friend. However I know some people do want extra privacy.
The new privacy features are still in beta testing and I'm adding some more features / options to it, so feel free to give us your feedback!

Skull Head Swivel Desk Lamp
* July 15, 2014 *
Good Morning fellow VampireFreaks,

Today, we'll start you off with this awesome Skull head swivel desk lamp.
Very cool! Can you get away with this bit of morbidity where you work?
We can't think of anyone we know that wouldn't want this piece around their work space.


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