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Luna Reign is the No.1 Gothic singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist from the UK. Alternative, Dark, Gothic Rock/Metal. Luna Reign is more than music, its something you experience.
Status: About to release The 1st Brand New song from Luna Reign New up and coming Album!
Label: Shadow Scream Records
Label Type: indie
Location: Cornwall, U.K., United Kingdom

Member since: December 13, 2010
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Latest Journal Entry: New Video - The Art Of Seduction   November 24, 2014, 05:30am
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Luna Reign is the No.1 Gothic singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist from the UK. Alternative, Dark, Gothic Rock/Metal music. Luna Reign is more than music, its something you experience. Powerful Guitars, Sensual Vocals, Seductive keys, Blue lights and Smoke. Luna Reign is a UK based solo artist, which came to be in 2010. Luna's many instruments include, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals and keyboards. Luna writes, produces and records all his own music. Luna Reign is influenced by Him, Placebo, The Sisters Of Mercy, Type O Negative, Metallica, The Mission, The Cult, Janes Addiction and more... Luna is currently #1 in the Reverbnation local rock charts and has been for over a 2 years! (www.reverbnation.com/lunareign), with 4 albums already out and a fifth in the making, Luna Reign is an artist to keep your eyes and ears on in 2015... , Like the non-stop machine that Luna Reign is, he also has over 29,000 hits on Youtube, songs on rotation on Nightbreed radio, Lastfm radio, Museboat Radio, Basement tapes Radioshow, Death Rock radio, unsignedrevolution radio and Gothic radio, a #1 on Vampirefreaks charts (www.vampirefreaks.com/lunareign) and 7 tracks in the top ten on Soundclick charts (www.soundclick.com/lunareign). Luna Reign performed at The OTH festival last year, Alt-fest, Oxjam Music Festival and is already taking festival bookings for 2015 with more shows being added all the time. Luna Reign music has also been included on the following compilation CD's - (Sombrati Records) Gothic Rock Around The World IV, Snowflakes II, Wrapped in Bats (Gothic World Records)and more.... Luna has also had a full 2 page spread in Gorgeous Freaks magazine! Welcome to the world of Luna Reign - Prepare to be bitten!
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SHADOW ROOM - ALBUM REVIEW BY VENTSMAGAZINE.COM - I was introduced to Luna reign by a friend, thinking this is an interesting new band. To my surprise, this is a one man band, he have been around since 2010. Shadow Room is his 4th album. Listening to the album, made me feel like I have missed out of something really amazing for too long. Shadows Room is a wonderful Gothic/rock/Alternative album with a very unique sound. Filled with darkness, beauty and hopes. I love the wild dreamy music that at the same time is so relaxing that you just float away in your own thoughts. Guided on the way by Luna Reigns seductive unique voice. Listening through the album the first time, my favorite song were “Desperate Eyes”,( http://lunareign.bandcamp.com/track/desperate-eyes ) listen to the album over and over, I found myself looking forward to the song. I was not being able to chose a song over another, saying this is the/these best songs. I will though have to say “Paper House” is a cool song, (http://www.reverbnation.com/p/cLNiEQ ) I like its amazingly beautiful though somehow cruel lyrics. I am contradicting myself a bit here, another song, that I need to mention is “Against the Grain”, the song it so beautiful and I don´t need to say much about it, it speaks for itself. Why are you still bleeding? Is it because of them? Or because of you? Its all too true There is something so amazingly magic and different about his album, I am not sure how to say it, but it got a lot of spirit.Luna reign is a UK based one man band. He writes, records and produces his own material. Luna is inspired among many, Metallica, HIM, The Cult, Garbage, Placebo and Type O´ Negative. What surprised me the most is how much I fell in love with the music. If you haven´t heard of Luna Reign before, Shadow Room is a good album to start with. I personally look forward to go back and listen to the 3 previous albums.
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LUNA REIGN - OUR GLORIOUS DEAD - ALBUM REVIEW - Last July 13th I was introduced to the Uk's 3rd Luna Reign album entitled " Our Glorious Dead " through the Gothic World Records record label. In Luna Reign impeccable sounds move between the boundaries of rock and post-punk into a musical composition style which clearly shows that more U.S. European influences in their conceptual roots, readers of music lovers, Lux Atenea Webzine 10, will enjoy extraordinary issues where passionate melody almost reaches the level of interpretive virtuosity on the electric guitar, offering a seamless musical obscura definition with ominously gothic instrumental textures. A visually distinctive musical style, defined by a sacral cover image, created in absolute harmony with the audio content of this magnificent album. Therefore, from the outset with the extraordinary song "Death Euphoria" you will be impressed with the quality of interpretation treasured by this musical genius, whose talents continue to stimulate our nineteenth-centuary spirit of romanticism in the wonderful song "Mirror Mirror", whose spooky passages offer us that enhanced dark background with expertise in instrumental structure. Optimal melodic developments are continued into the powerful song "Sinners" that is exquisitely refined with this clever recreation and delicate sound processing, to stimulate our senses to a higher level of sensitivity and pleasant, after the transition stage musical set to "Broken Doors and Glass" , lead us to enjoy the fullest song "Black Light". In the song " So Cold ", musical intensity and melodic charm will melt in the fire magnum of artistic creation until, in "Beyond The Waves", the fiery feeds on the most sensitive inspired by a melodic dynamism where sound leadership guitar remains the conceptual thread that binds us to the more notable rendition of "Last Breath", one of the musical gems of this album. After hearing repeated the previous item, then click "Fade" we will dive into another ethereal dimension where textures again highlight the high quality of this song, ending in the last issue of this album "Until The End" as end of a glowing sunset sonic experimentation as a structural base composition. "Our Glorious Dead", is a conceptual evolution of the post-punk and eclectic fusion of European and American musical styles within this scene. Enjoy it! and order it now!
Buy this album http://lunareign.bandcamp.com/album/in-love-silent-screams (IN LOVE AND SILENT SCREAMS ALBUM REVIEW, BY WHEELING RAMPAGE) This album starts off with the track “Blood,” with a really old style gothic rock feeling coming from the guitar. The vocals puts you more into the sense of 80s rock. Although the drums are simplistic they still sound catchy. This track really throws you into the nostalgic feel of how rock used to sound and the keyboard and lead parts are really awesome the way they are laid out. The ambient keyboard at the end of the track prior flows nicely into the next track, “Snow Blinded.” It has a very grim but gothic rock feeling riff to start off and the synth really does add to the feel, while it accompanies the riff. This is a really chilling track the way the lyrics go and the vocals bring the words out. The guitars, around four minutes in, with the ambience was really awesome as well. “Broken” has a faster styling of the olden rock era of guitar. I enjoyed the break from the guitar into keyboard about the three minutes. With the bass kick build up to bring the band back it sounded really badass. Bringing a really mellow feel is the next track, “Luna Eclipse II,” with the chilled out guitar and very soft spoken vocals. When the guitar and keyboard come in it gets really epic. This was a very well done gothic rock ballad and the vocals really get the spotlight as they are very perfect and amazing for the style. The organ affect on the keys of “Save You?” are really tone setting, as well as the ambience. The strumming of the guitar makes it a really laid back track. This track is really mellow but for the genre that’s definitely fine. It is a very trance inducing track and you can’t help but feel as if you’re going to get bit by a vampire and be okay with it. The mix between the low ambience and higher keys made for a chilling sound in the next track, “In Love And Silent Screams,” and the guitar chugs sound good. Having two toned vocals was really dark sounding as well and makes it more enjoyable. Mellow guitar and vocals start off “As The World Falls,” but builds up as the drums comes in and it gets a little which sounds nice. It is a really catchy track the way it flows, with relaxing breaks and a heavy chorus. “The Key” brings really groovy rock feeling guitar riffs and the vocals are great on this track as per usual. They felt a little more chilling, but it may have just been how the keyboard flowed with it though.The next track, “Kiss The Sky,” is very dark feeling the way the ambient keyboard and guitar flowed. Some of the riffs were a little grim feeling which is awesome. It is mostly a mellow track but it still has a very chilling feel to it, especially the ending of it with the ambience and whispers. “Fallen Empire” was probably the best way to end the album, with its short and heavy feel. The guitars are catchy and the vocals are as well the way they flowed, although it is a short track it is a great track.This album is really well done and the fact that this is a one man band makes it even more of a masterpiece. I don’t think I have ever listened to anything quite like it. The whole album feels like it belongs in movies like Labrynth, Never Ending Story, and even Donnie Darko in some scenes. The ambient keyboard and guitars are very old school gothic rock and the vocals are really great with the soft spoken but chilling coherent singing. I recommend picking this up as it isn’t too heavy and is something everyone will be able to enjoy, especially at a pay what you want price. 8.5 out of 10 http://wheelingrampage.blogspot.ca/2012/11/review-of-in-love-silent-screams-by.html
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DEVOLUTION REVIEW OF THE LUNA REIGN ALBUM - ELECTRIC GHOST. 'Electric Ghost' is one of the most musical and melodic goth albums of recent times. From opening number 'Electric Ghost' (aptly named - technology plays it part in the Luna Reign sound, but this is every bit as haunting as anything Bauhaus produced in their prime) to the eponymous closing track, via highlights such as 'Final Sin' (a truly mesmerizing and controlled study in wallowing grief) and 'Sophie' a furious track that sends a far more pertinent message than any amount of larynx-bruising screaming could muster, one track bleeds into the next with nary a pause for breath. 'Electric Ghost' is a Type O Negative fans new favourite album. Somehow remaining romantic and soothing yet aggressive and abrasive. Records the strength of this will surely gain an every-expanding audience. Welcome to the absurdly talented Luna Reign. - Devolution Magazine.
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Sisters of mercy, Mission, cure, Placebo, 13 candles, Him, Type o negative, Metallica etc.........................................................
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