Name: Astrid
Age: 23
Location: Massachusetts
Sex: Female
Relationship: Taken
Membership: Premium

"The most fear you could ever have is when you reach out to someone for help and they leave you in the shadows and turn their back on you." Spencer Chamberlain


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Made by my good friend: Kale

Name is Bridgette but like to be called Suzanne Valerie.
Reason why?
There is another Astrid on this site and on my facebook.
Plus that name doesn't fit me well at all.
Would love to see Astrid Haven's band live. <333 <br /> I support people who have Cancer, Asthma, Shingles(get vaccinated at CVS Pharmacy 50+), Diabetes, Kindney Failure & Heart Failure.
I'm now 23 years old.
Birthday is on June 15th, 1993.
I am a half Portuguese, Irish, and French person.
My friend Brianna passed away back in July 28th, or 2014 and my mo is no longer with me only in spirit cuz she passed away just last year of September 4th 2015.
I work at Walmart and use to work at McDonald's which was a living hell back in 2014 - 2015.
I took three weeks off work in September of 2015 cuz of my moms passing.
She saved me from cancer and took care of me as my guardian.
I love you mom and my long time friend.
Robin 2.6.57 - 9.4.15
Brianna 4.30.93 - 7.28.14
2015 - 2016 probably - 2017 which will make my second yeah but yeah I am hitting my first year June 9, 2015 - June 9, 2016 can't wait to celebrate with my friends and family and my birthday like I said June 15th 23rd year zomg. <3 <br /> I have alot of practicing to do with my toyota corolla.
I am gonna try again and get my GED again well retake the GED classes since I have a job and a ccr but do need to get my license I am so ready for this just more studying and then I can do it.<3 </font>



I love:
-Angelina Jolie&Brad Pitt
-My Idol Sandra Bullock

-My closest friends who I trust.
-John and only John because I messed up in the passed.
-Gay/Bisexual/Drag Queen Guys.
-My dog Lady and my cats Lickerish &Lili.
-My whole family.
-Some of my teachers from either Middle or High School.


I hate:
-The Bullying.
-Bad Religion.
-Bad/Awful Politics.
-The Yelling.
-People killing animals.
-The Rich
_That is all._


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Only bands seen live are posted below:
Trust me there is alot
A Day To Remember(x1)
The Word Alive(x1)
Close Your Eyes(x1)
Hope Before The Fall(x1)
Act Of Defiance(x2)
Killswitch Engage(x1)
Marianas Trench(x1)
Alvarez Kings(x1)
Melanie Martinez(x1)
The Early November(x1)
Taking Back Sunday(x1)
Dashboard Confessional(x1)