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Rules for everybody:

Nudity is not allowed
This is a rule, therefor a sex cult rule.
If you like vf, you should respect it's rules.

Read the FAQ before you post You may find your answer, and learn new things

No pedophiles!
30 year olds hooking up minors is illegal, and disgusting....

No personal ads!
Try this instead.

Report 'bad' people to mods/owner!
If somebody is causing you a hard time with no apparent reason, send an inbox message to Scream. It's your duty as a member. Don't just expect everything to be all good without you doing anything.

Don't post useless threads!

If you think we should add a new rule or edit the existing ones, send an inbox message to Scream.

Ok. Surely if you are going to come into a forum and makes threads you should have a basic level of HTML know how.
Apparently this isn't the case.
So here I will show you just what to do to help you get by.


This is even more simple than the link.
For this I will use an image uploaded to Image Shack.

First things first you need your link. Please note this is NOT a link to the web page the image is displayed on should you have found an image somewhere else that you want to post. Right click it and then click "Copy Image Location" to get a direct link to the picture like the one I am using below.

As you might have seen...No image.
You need to put the following.

<img src="">

That's it. No need to close it out.
Just remember your = sign and the " " surrounding the link.
If you have done that you will end up with the following.

Basic text changing stuff

Always remember to close out your text changing!

<b>This is how you make bold text </b>
<u>This is how you underline text </u>
<i>This is how you make italic text </i>
<s>This is how you strike out text </s>
<center>This is how you center text </center>

Changing font colours is a little different. Seeing as this is a basic tutorial I will not go into using hex codes to set font colours.

<font color="pink">This is how you make pink text </font>

You must remember your = sign and the " " around the colour name.
Please also note that you must put color and not colour as colour doesn't work.

To change font size you do the following.
<font size="+2">This is how you make larger text</font>
<font size="-2">This is how you make smaller text</font>

When changing font size and colour you do not need the " " marks however I would advise using them as it gets you into the habit of doing so for when you are making links and images.

This is all I think you will need for your posting here. Should I or others think of anything else then it can be added later.

First of all, thank you for your expressed interest in promoting this cult.
You can send invites to your friends, or post a banner in your profile/signature/cult.
Here are some banners you could use.

Join the sex cult

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Join the sex cult

Join the sex cult

Join the sex cult

Join the sex cult

Join the sex cult

Copy the html code from within the textbox(there's some text under every banner), and paste it wherever you want.
If you don't like our banners, you could make one yourself. Just don't include nudity / violence in it(vf rules!). You will be credited for your work.

Photo of: iManipulate

It was created on December 12, 2004.
Since then it was deleted, spammed, taken over, banned etc.
This is mad, MAD I TELL YOU!

Our main objective is to help out people, but feel free to ask and talk about anything you'd like.

Special thanks to Diabolo, Jet, EvilCeridwen.