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  • ProjectProdigy enforces the rules of vampirefreaks, which can be found here. These rules are for the safety of the cult, and the site.

  • We ask that everyone would be respectful to one another. In depth of this, you can refer yourself here. Remember, stating your opinion is one thing, but please take in regards to those you may effect. Not everyone has the same opinion or piece of advice as yourself.

  • To advertise, please use the subforum created for this purpose.

  • We do not encourage spamming. If you accidentally post numerous times because of a computer hiccup, don't fret - we understand. If you're going to respond to threads, we would like to ask that you make your posts meaningful or worth reading. We wont beat you down for typing "like a noob," but when all you give is one word answers, it gets a bit frustrating.

  • You can ask permission if you would like to promote something by inboxing the owner for approval first.

  • You will get two written warnings for any offense listed in our rules. Any offense after will result in a suspension. Depending on the behavior, what offenses and your attitude will determine the length of your time suspended anywhere between 3-7 days. After being suspended and you wish to return as normal, any repeating offense will gain you another suspension (not a written warning). After being suspended 2-3 times (depending on the offenses) you will be banned. You also may be banned on the spot for major offenses such as major harassment, invasion of privacy and "trolling".

  • At ProjectProdigy, we would like to keep things running smoothly and as simple as possible. If you need further assistance, you make check out the cult directory. If you still need help, please inbox Nicole for help.

  • If you wish to have your warning in your titles removed/suspension uplifted, contact Nicole to plead your case to have it removed.

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