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Created on: October 12, 2010

Welcome to Hollows

A city where even the bravest can loose or the most wicked can find the light. A place of fantasy and adventure. A great war is being waged here, an evil resting beneath the streets of a city that seems... on the surface, to be like every other. There's no such thing as normal within this place.

Break away from the tradition and the norm, step through the door into a world unlike all the others. Where you can be anything, anyone you want to be. Come create your own reality and act upon your deepest desires. Immerse yourself in the passion, danger, destruction, pleasure and corruption within this great city. Join members who strive to be only the best, who take pride in new experiences. Leave behind the mundane and the stress of the day and loose yourself in the story you create.

All you need is the courage, the unrelenting desire, to reach out and seize hold of your own spirit, your own madness, and your own fate. To become one of the best within this city, teeming with it's own amazing secrets...

Come break through the glass and stop looking in from the outside. Be a part of the fun, be a part of...


Hollows Originals

These individuals have been members of this cult almost since its beginning in 2010.
FireyMysts, GhostSunShadow, Glowstick_Injection, hutches2b, Starlight_Trance, AceGirl and WolfGirlXx you are what makes Hollows great!


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