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Created on: March 19, 2007


Must be female and 16+
Must have 3+ pictures.
Respect all Staff & Members.
First post: [Introduction] topic.
Use proper grammar.
No double posting: You can [Edit] your comments.
You may create new threads, but don't make double/bullshit threads.
Do NOT cheat the reward point system! (If you do, you're banned!)
If you don't have anything nice to say; don't say anything at all.

No bitches
No drama! ;-)


All Winners


Welcome to the most active and fun female stoners cult on vampirefreaks! There is no application required, it is membership by approval just so we can check that you are female and 16+.
We accept girls based on who you are and what kind of information you have on your profile (:
If you have a question or a complaint, please inbox the Owner, DameGoth.


Owner: DameGoth
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Who Can Post: unmoderated
Who Can View: members only
Who Can Upload Pics: Moderators
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