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Richmond , Virginia
United States
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A Dead Girl was originally formed in 2001 by brothers Justin and Cory. Their early influences ranged from Deftones and Coal Chamber to Placebo and Morrissey. At first the duo used a drum machine for all live performances until Cory switched over from bass to drums. After a number of bassists came in and out of the band they finally met James in 2007. However, they still felt like they were missing a piece and began pursuing a second guitar player. During the summer of 2008 Justin ran into an old childhood friend, Shaun. They got together for some jam sessions and quickly realized that Shaun was the missing piece. Over the next year as they started to make a name for themselves and record their debut album, tragedy struck when James suddenly passed away on November 30th 2009. After a period of grief and reassessment the remaining members decided to finish the album in dedication to James. Along the way they realized that they still had the urge to perform and knew that James would have wanted them to move on. They called up Jon a long time friend of the band. Jon would take over drum duties and Cory would switch back to his original bass position. The band has been described as a blend of late 90's nu-metal and modern alternative hard rock.

justin shaun

john shaun and justin cory
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