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Sex: female
Age: 25
Location: Braintree, Essex, United Kingdom
Orientation: Undecided
Status: In a relationship
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Member since: April 23, 2006
Last logged in: April 01, 2015, 05:59pm
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If you don't like my input in cult discussions, say so in the cult involved. I won't reply to you via private messages, so don't bother trying.

La la la...where to begin...
Hai There. I'm Jazz.
I'm a 19 year old girl that comes from a little town in Essex called Braintree. That's in England before you ask.
I work in Superdrug with mixed roles - Beauty Specialist, Frangrance Specialist or just plain Sales Advisor - I wish they'd make up their minds, either way I only get 5.00 and hour so its shit pay even if I do love the job lmao

Oh noes I just realised that I has coloured hair & draws my eyebrows on just like everyone else on this site... I'm so unoriginal omg *cries*
Give me a break.
So, yes I do dye my hair and wear lots of make-up.... you'll either love that or hate it but don't come in here telling me how unoriginal I am, because honestly I never claimed to be this original persona that people seem to constantly strive towards.
If I like something on someone else, then I'll probably want it for myself but hey thats how everyone is sometimes!

Anyway onwards still...
I have blue eyes, naturally dark blonde hair, I'm about 5ft 5" in height & weigh about 220lbs [hah fat cow lolz]

I like laughing. Anything that makes me laugh is automatically cool in my books =P
Speaking of things that make me laugh, people make me laugh - in a good way =D
I'm sociable, I like meeting new people and I enjoy forming new friendships... & guess what? I have chav friends omgzorzz I mix with the 'tracksuit wearing neanderthals' as a lot of people on here would say haha again, give me a break. Suck it up you supposed 'open minded people'.
Anyway... hmm...
I'm a vegetarian.
Make-up obsessive.
Hair-dye enthusiast.
Camera Whore.
Stubborn Cow.
& Best Friend.

Now possibly the most important thing on this site [apart from pictures] My music list....
I like everything
I like... Industrial, Pop, Metal, Gothic, RnB, London Grime, Hardcore, Hip Hop, Trance, Techno, Electronica, Punk, Rock, Emo, Indie - Everything!.

So thats about it really, any questions or just want to chat? Just leave me a message or a comment...
Or if you're feeling sociable then add me to msn

Goodbye x



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