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To assimilate or not to assimilate"
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Sex: male
Age: 21
Location: Paramaribo, Suriname
Orientation: Straight
Status: VF Addict
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Member since: April 12, 2010
Last logged in: April 05, 2014, 09:02pm
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I'm this Latino guy from a small country in South America called: Suriname. I'm Kevin and currently in college studying Tourism & Hospitality Management (bachelor degree) and it's something i always wanted to do. Even though my main language is Dutch, i use English a lot because it's easier and not so difficult in grammar as in Dutch or Spanish :o What i enjoy in life is music, food, close friends and of course beautiful women XD I am myself and not pretending to be someone i am not. Well that's it, ciao. :D
learning new languages, women, food, ice cream, horror movies, funny jokes, random people, WWE wrestling, Wipeout, video games, music, entertaining personalities, revenge, manipulations, how pathetic politics are, cats & dogs, intelligence, proper grammar, the simple things in life.

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Stupidness in general, neo-nazi's, spammers, those who constantly whine about how FAT or SKINNY they are, the word "god", drugs, rich people, Sundays, lurkers, the unknown, phobias in general, my old computer, excessive blabbering from some people, boring stories or faces, government, certain laws, corruption, and maybe you =/
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Apr 04, 2014, 03:54pm
Oh yes, same person. Her nickname was April. Just like mine was Salad. Her real name is Anisia. Just like mine is Gwyn. smug

No, I'm not married, I may as well be though lol I'm all but legally married. Y'know living wif the boyfie and such nod

Omfg that's ridiculous rant you should become college admin, show then how it's done right smug


Apr 04, 2014, 12:33am
No you didn't! gooby That sounds cool,but what's a sticky? XD I thought you were in college 736 years ago! Did you start then break then go again? So whadja do for the two years? Fun stuff? Ahaha I'm good, pretty much married, really XD and I ALMOST live in a castle! It's a castle to me. Just a wee pink house really diddle what about you? yargh And she's Anisia! What if I do tell her? diddle


Apr 01, 2014, 10:25pm
DON!!! glomp ahaha yeah, VF's heyday is over. Tell me about YOUR death! hugs what's death like, anyway? smoke