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Label Type: unsigned
Canton , Ohio
United States
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In a cruddy, ghetto town, where steel plants & the drop forge seem to be the only productive sounds around, Tim Yapko had an idea that would soon spawn an angry creative drive of metal with the town's own industrial soundscapes. With the vision of all the boarded up, lost homes & unemployment being at a rediculous high, he began writing the very things he saw & felt. Soon after, Nik Garrison, who also shared these ideas, joined up with Tim & together they became 'Ugly Distance'
Sounds Like
Angry, depressing, spiteful, ugly goddamn industrial fucking metal spewed out of the nation's very own dumpster
Garbage trucks, the Timken Company, table saw, drill press, the missing battery to the cordless, the eye doctor, manic behavior, the color grey, broken cogs, crappy guitar cables, black and white movies, emptiness, scum on a pond, freak shows, clogged sewer main, the look on your girlfriend's face when she's unhappy, the chip on your shoulder, Japanese horror, the way you feel on the way to the hospital, the Patriot Act, being laid off, the mother you don't talk to anymore, broken families, broken hearts, broken possessions, broken friendships, broken everything, retina detachment, the annoying furnace noise, the stray cat piss on the front door, rust, decay, the smell of rot, that dead thing under the porch, this piece of shit phone, the ridiculous price of everything, the "donut-hole" in your healthcare plan, politicians, all that trash down the side of the alley behind your boarded up, lost home next to all the other boarded up lost homes