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God is us.
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Sex: male
Age: 31
Location: Bucuresti, Romania
Orientation: Straight
Member since: April 14, 2004
Last logged in: January 17, 2016, 07:42am
Account Status: Free Account


Don't ever Free yourself from all the drama.

Even if i look like alot ,., there's no romance and no passion to be explored here. I wish to exceed my pleasant staying. Now don't go away. I want to talk to you. You're probably a bad person, as i only attract such.
<3 I am a romanian. Ancient Roman. Latin to some. We don't need need fixing. All of us. Even if some have less to fix than others. Goth speed.

antiques, books, scents, candles, snickers bars, converse, vf conversations and ratings(ironically enough i seem to attract only downraters and drama queens Punish them. See if I care :D), free minded people, food, plants, innovation, cars(pretty much anything with an engine), music, lights, beer, weed(It's a XXIth century madness medicine), milk, decency, museums/cinemas/theaters, spring and fresh air, and exhibitionism(don't judge untill you try it with me :p).

Arroganceness Hey cutie

Favorite Music:
Music became something that breaks people and connections, when in truth there is a fan for every song out there.
EaCH person is infinite, and unique, so why bother telling them that their music sucks?
I love any song, or band, as long as I like the people that type of music surrounds me with. You associate music with nice memories, with something nice in general, and become a fan. That's how music works. Through association.
Though, i really like Bring me the Horizon, and Papa Roach.

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