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Status: We are not human beings anymore, we are human resources.
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Sex: female
Age: 15
Location: Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Orientation: Pansexual
Mother:: ImNotSoEmo
Partner in crime with: Hannival_Gazz
Married to: Gigglypuff
Fantasizes about: -Telle_in-Wonderland
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Member since: January 19, 2011
Last logged in: November 11, 2015, 07:15pm
Occupation: body modifications & everything on visual art.
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Hayley.M.Midland//Undefinided age//Pansexual//Smoker
✜Dont ask for nudes
✜Im very tolerant but yet i cant stand a lot of things
✜I speak spanish so i gringueo
If you wanna know more just keep reading and go though the seccions~

What keeps me ocupated

♡Proud body Artist:
I think every person has to be identified as a unique individual. The body is everything, is the medium of expressing who we are on the inside(with any kind of modification, clothing, hair, ect.)-Is a constant search in an eternal insactisfacción that anyone has, to stand out. There are canons & stereotypes of what is aesthetic, I want to be the "anti-hero" of that.
♡Noob Hairdresser:
As i cant live with natural hair, i decided to study a little bit, so i did a couple of classes and Friends that are real hairdressers had teach me some other things. I started to make dreads no long ago, natural and syntetic, i l♡ve syntetics more for some reason.
♡Frustrated GRaphic designer:
like 2 years ago i made 1 year of graphic design, i worked with a couple of bands and their merchandising then some blog designs. i leave and now im back again but only with webdesigns, here and tumblr; you can check my portfolio is in the box there ->
i started this year with some classes, is not that i want to be a photographer but again, i know much bands that are friends of mine and i love taking pictures of thems and they love it to so i would like to get a bit more professional, and i like taking pitcures, and well, some people pay for that.


♬Grunge, Indie, Rock & roll, & most of all,Argentinian music.
♬Some people have a hard time explaining music. I don't think anyone can really explain it. Is a lifestyle and a way of thinking... But it's a voice that says, "Here I am.. and fuck you if you can't understand me." It begin with.. everything.
♬I would never call myself a musician cause i play plenty of instruments but i dont create music/lyrics.


☯5 half brothers/sisters
☯I love my mom
& thats all i have, no more family, i dont have treat with the other ones i share blood exept for a couple of uncles

Unnecessary facts

❂I use to have a pills & weed addiction but i am clean now
❂I am really unhealthy, i have heart & nervous problems
❂One of my biggest prides are my country, i am in love with Argentina & everything about it, i was born & "raised" in here, i could never live somewhere else.
❂I am not a fan of english, im good for it, kinda, but i found it really.. how to say it.. square, empty, and stuffs of that nature, i am in love with spanish.
❂I am trutly addicted to dye my hair, i feel bad if i dont, i know that "im gonna get bald" or "thats not good" but smokers dont have any problem with lung cancer so..
❂I lived in plenty of houses, but i never had a home but im still looking for one
❂I wanna be a mom one day.
~Nobody teach me how to live or feel. Im all the time in ecstasy, a medicine to be happy is for me.Im like a fading ligth, but i still want to shine a bit~


❣Body Mods
❣Hair dye
❣Vintage/Retro/Grunge style.
❣Paint & draw
❣Deflower adolescents.
❣My bedroom
❣All the houses i have lived
Rains & storms
❣I love flowers ❀✾
~My fav movies are:Purple Rain; Rockstar; Brothers of the head, The Wall, Lords of dogtown; Almost Famous; The Ketchup Effect & Scott Pillgrim vs. The World

❣Plenty of videogames
❣Graphic design
Ladys & Gentlemans


☾ People living in an eternal optimism
☾ Animé.
☾ Bufons posing as a poets
☾ Touch & go
☾ Guns & Roses
☾ People who think that grunge means Nirvana..
☾ People who live in a "No" environment.
☾ People who lives in a bubble, and doesnt want to see the world
☾ I hate guitar hero, and their fans who dont play a single real instrument
☾ Feminism and machismo.
☾ Tv
☾ Cellphones
☾ depression and pathetic moods that make us do stupid things.
☾ Beach and sandy
☾ Las pastillas del abuelo & Callefuegos.
☾ Tattoos tumberos
☾ People who follow fashion & the ones that think they are cool by unfollowing the fashion
☾ Pictures edited with paint
☾ Hipsters
☾ People who make theyr own nicknames
☾ People who are convinced that marijuana has no side effect over the time
☾ People with creepy & big smiles(thaat look like fake smiles)
☾ Depressing/suicide people (go kill yourself)
☾ People who draw the sun with face
☾ Flip Flops
☾ People calling itself a photographer(i will not start talking about that)
☾ Getting tan
☾People who ask me where i buy my hair dye




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