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Even The Best Fall Down Sometimes <3
Status: pain.-.
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Sex: female
Age: 19
Location: CaNdYlAnD, United States
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Single
Best Friends with: warhammer432
Buddies with: devilanceFo
Goes to school with: cole122333
Buddies with: evilzombiefink55
Best Friends with: cole122333
Best Friends with: demonbiscuits
Friends with: xX_Sean_Xx
Best Friends with: gingerboo7297
Best Friends with: RandasBleedinAMelody
Rating: 10.00
Rating points: 80
Member since: December 22, 2010
Last logged in: September 18, 2015, 03:52pm
Occupation: Throwing skittles at people:3
Account Status: Free Account
Rated by: 8 people
Latest Journal Entry: Update   July 20, 2015, 10:27pm

Hello:D Names Megan.(: I love love love music, tis my life:3 I have an addiction for good looking soft hair:3 I know, I'm weird o.o Hmmm....I'm different then most people, and damn proud too:D Hmmm....I have depression, which sucks I suppose... I'm very very very shyyy specially round new people I love textingg...ask for mah number[: Cartoons is what I normally watch, if I watch tv I don't really believe Chatholic religion like the rest of my family...I like Wicca though[: I randomly give out hugs and pet people:D And poke their tummys:3 haha, Ima weirdo I suppose I'm not emo, goth, scene, or blah blah blah haha, I'm me...so don't label me. I'm not a friggin soup can.(: *just to clear things up...so what if my user name has a label in it....doesn't mean i call myself that-.-* I'm BiSeXuAl<3 Don't like? oh well, you can gtfo thenC: Apperently I flirt a lot:3 XD I keep secrets well. Kinda reliable, and bitchy as well, depending on my mood, or however you act towards meC: I have a few nicknames: Gummy, Gummybear, GummyPanda, kitteh, meep, or cupcake:o cX Hmmmm.....tis enough bout me I guess, anything else, ask meh.(: *DON'T ADD ME IF YOU JUST THINK I'M SEXY, OR HOT... or just to add another person to your friends list...i mean come on, i hate that shit. have an actual conversation with me, i don't wanna see your dick, or vag either-.-*
my friends, the smell of gasoline, my mommy<3, penut butter, night time, hello kitty, mnt dew, any neon color, puppys, kittys, teddy bears, vampires, cartoons, skittles, gummybears, Good burger(the movie), coloring, the park, swinging, hugs, kisses, warm weather, thunder storms, monster, music, reading, sleeping, meeting new people, poking people :), bracelets, lolipops, popsickles, shane dawson, fred, rainbows, spiderwick(unicorns, fairys, ect), knee high socks, blue gatoraid, candy, blues clues, max and ruby, maggie and the ferocious beast, spongebob, degrassi, fishies, turtles, stuffed aminals, converse, glowsticks, my ipod, hot topic, invader zim, gir, catdog, butterflys, pudding, jello, sharpie markers, pic comments:), cupcakes, harry potter, stars, staying up late, hair bows, brown eyes:)[on guys], blue eyes[on girlsXD], oli sykes, andy sixx, jack barakat<33, being alone, silly bands, dinos, texting, boys, girls, boyshorst;), fuzzy socks, british accents, DesAndNate<3;D sliding on hardwoodfloors wif socks onXD, spinning around in circles, jumping in puddles, smell of rubber, writing on myselfXD, laying in ma floor with music on, the movie joe dirt, dinos, domo, gerard way, smell of matches, anything acoustic<3,
justin beaver, miley cyrus, aminal abusers, getting older, football, nascar, my father, day time, taking pictures, smokers, drunks, big words, people that judge, people that think their better then everyone else, Jersey shore(that dumbass show-__-), pervs:/, rude people, jerks, the past :(, snow, cold weather, people that leave in the middle of a conversation and dont tell me, fake people, labels, liars, cheeters, stalkers, when people call me meg:/...XD, thinking to much, people that hurt me/ma mom/bestfirend, people that add me, and never talk, wtf?!, life(sometimes), people that hate me for no reason, taylor swift, being bored, when i cant sleep, spiders(im terrifid of them), users, being alone, math, people with bad timing, people that text me when im sleeping,
Favorite Music:
j bigga, blake bliss, aly and aj, emilie autumn, all time low, alesana, all american rejects, bring me the horizon, escape the fate, avenged sevenfold, nickasaure!, flyleaf, evanesence, black veil brides, 3OH!3, underoath, motion city soundtrack, as i lay dying, green day, blink182, no doubt, paramore, hey monday, papa roach, we the kings, nickleback, fall out boy, plain white t's, the matches, jimmy eat world, chiodos, mayday parade, nevershoutnever, forever the sickest kids, avril lavigne, linkin park, owl city, boys like girls, anberlin, angels and airwaves, boxcar racer, breaking benjamin, buckcherry, cage the elephant, my chemical romance, care bears on fire, cartel, death cab for cutie, +44, eminem, FM static, hawthorne heights, the offspring, panic! at the disco, bullet for my valentine, silversun pickups, hole, sum 41, dot dot curve, the used, blood on the dance floor, ke$ha, weezer, 30 seconds to marse, the ting tings, switch foot, stained, metro station, stereo skyline, 4Dbling, backseat goodbye, progress running, hurry! lets go, lady gaga, jj demon, subscene, racing kites, elephants and crayons, the blakq year, the perfect measure, the follow through, we should whisper, mat musto, the ready set, the secret handshake, romance on a rocketship, our last night, the failing farwell, show me the skyline, heyhihello!, to be juliets secret, broken toy airplanes, letters and lights, the scene asthentic, how to kill a monster, i set my friends on fire, neon attack, jeffree star, teddy geiger, thursday,

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