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Life is an endless track getting narrower and narrower. The farther you get, the darker it is. As time goes by, the light in yourself disappears. It doesn't matter how fast or slow you run, you will always end at the same stop..
Status: Soooo bored!!!
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Sex: female
Age: 20
Location: Bradford, Ontario, Canada
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Single
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Member since: October 18, 2010
Last logged in: November 02, 2015, 12:09pm
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About me

Hola! I’m Lolera [lawl-air-ah]; though that’s my raver name, not my real name. I don’t really know what I should put since it’s always been hard for me to really explain myself to others. I guess I’m kind of mean at times, but I can be really nice as well. I’m almost always hungry - though that probably has to do with my fast metabolism. I dance; Hip hop, Ballet, and Lyrical.

I’m also really, really skinny. Or, at least averagely so. Though, you could say that I’m actually the biggest person in my whole family. Everyone in my family is, like, super skinny. But I don’t like to flaunt it too much. I do sometimes wear really baggy clothes which surprises people when I wear really tight clothes and they see how skinny I really am.

But despite the clothes I wear and the different activities I do, I’m not a girly girl nor am I a tom boy. I’m just a girl. I love to wear frilly stuff at times and be all cutesy but I also love to go play in the dirt.

I hurt myself constantly, and I’m a huge klutz. I have "mastered" the art of stubbing my toe on the floor. Oh, and my house loves to attack me. ^-^

I'm in love with gaming right now too. I play league, a lot, and as soon as I"m level 30 (just three more levels to go) I'm gonna be able to actually play with my team.


I love Japanese music, anime, RPing, and watching TV. My favourite colour is pink and ice blue. I know I know, what a typical girl. She loves pink. But I’m not a girly girl. I also love all things about the Japanese culture. I also love to make and wear Kandi. I'm in love with gaming right now too.


There aren’t many things I hate. Although Jersey Shore comes to mind. I don’t exactly like fish but I don’t hate it. I try to keep an open mind about things so it’s actually kind of hard for me to hate something. I kind of dislike my ex-boyfriend. Though he had broken up with me on my birthday.


Kpop. That is all.


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