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Adam/ Tommy T @ bLACKBIRD Adam/ Tommy T @ KUNM Tommy T. "vigilant" Inside pic from EVIL NEVER DIES me and Jared/ Chemlab...thee man!! Pamela took this one of me singin at Burts! Adria:-) FREE BEER, FREE DOWNLOAD EVIL NEVER DIES EP 2010 pointing to a dude with a beer for me LIVE AT THE LAUNCH PAD Tommy T sellin COMBICHRIST TIX Diverje Banner girl STITCHED back cover Club 7 i think.. STITCHED CD COVER 2007 ON SKIN CD COVER 2000 @burts tiki
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Label: DSBP
Label Type: indie
Location: ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico, United States
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Member since: September 14, 2007
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BIOGRAPHY----- Started by TOMMY T. in 1996....the band started as a metal/industrial hybrid and has mutated in a few ways since.Becoming more of a solid unit in 2000 with the album "On Skin" and bringing in a more EBM, club friendly sound with harder industrial, dark electro and noise influences as well. "on skin" and "regret" as well as "disconnect"CONVERTER mix, and "to hell" remixed by RAZED IN BLACK became big hits for DIVERJE in the clubs, and helped build a solid following. 2002 seen the remix double album of "2:40 AM" released, and this one brought in some very diverse and cool new mixes of "on skin" tracks, older tracks and some odd new stuff as well...including a DEVO cover! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In 2003 "Amphibian" is released as a double cd set including a remix disc of the new tracks by some of the top underground electro-industrial artists like E.S.R., SYSTEM SYN, AGHAST VIEW,THE MERCY CAGE, CROC SHOP, etc... The first disc is a concept album strung together by industrial FROGS!! the sounds of frogs are captured here for an intresting continuous flow of electronics and nature sounds...more frogs than you can ever imagine. This is a very tripped out album with lots of politically, and emotionally charged lyrics criticizing the society we live in...and great electronic diversity and dance floor anthems like "stronger", "images", "amphibian", and "in2 the trap",and "red eyed"...among others... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the spring of 2004 DIVERJE vs. SOUL CIRCUIT-"stronger" was released... Yhis featured 8 awesome remixes of "stronger" highlighted by ENDIF, THE GOD PROJECT, and HEADACHE,...and it also had 8 more tracks from DIVERJE and SOUL CIRCUIT.This was a limited edition with very few copies remaining... These last 3 albums have done well for us, and we thank all of our listeners and supporters who keep us going.you are inspiring for us. The new album is set to be released in 2005...."The Distortion Chamber" is a harder and more aggressive album and contains some guitars as well as dancier electro-industrial anthems with even more conviction and anger... "enough to destroy" is the lead track and will be featured on the new 4 cd compilation set from ALFA MATRIX...."ENDZEIT-BUNKER TRACKS" this spring..and you will also hear tracks like ""your pleasure"( the big Live audience fave), "no time for compromise", "the distortion chamber","I Walk Alone"(the biggest hit off the album),"stupid people shouldn't breed","test samples","individual",", Be Human again", "not in my name", and much more...this album will rock you!!It has definately brought DIVERJE back into the top tier of underground bands doing live and studio work and with one of the most energetic shows in the land!! =============================================== There have been many live shows and parties during the year 2006 and lots of promoting for "the distortion chamber" CD, including a repressing...The CD has been a BIG success for us, and its always rewarding when people can actually relate and dig on our orignal sound, and "take on things" going on in the world.We are told that we just get better with each album, and thats the best way I think. The album had a lot of variety and we will continue this path while becoming more dance floor friendly and aggressive as well... Now, in 2007, the band has been working hard on the new CD entitled "Stitched"! This will be out this spring and will contain 11 brand new tracks with more aggressive electro/industrial, dancey EBM with power and anthemic/harsh vocals..we will also feature 4 bonus remixes....2 of the title track from the pool of bands that have done remixes of that one, and 2 more remixes, most likely tracks from "the distortion chamber"... This album has a more matured feel, and more of a LIVE sound incorporated in the energy of each track.There are some gemms on this album such as "smell the blood", "stitched", "evil one", "tear it down", "run like hell" and a cover version of J.Geils band "come back" rocking track from 1980.... We still mix it up and have a rock/metal influence in the attitude which meshes well with the mostly electronic backdrop and mix of harsh and dancey tracks.. we will feature new songs up here all the way up till the CD Release... We will also release a Remix CD in summer or fall of 2007...."served on ice" will give you remixes of tracks from "stitched" and a few other unearthed and unreleased Diverje remixes/tracks...this is gonna be a busy year... cheers to all of you who care and write us!! please spread the word to your friends...keep in touch....greets, thanks! "THE DISTORTION CHAMBER VOL. !" review by GRAVE CONCERNS E ZINE http://www.graveconcernsezine.com http://www.myspace.com/graveconcernsezine Tommy T., founder of the label DSBP, is back with another album from his main artistic outlet, Diverje. As usual, eclecticism is the watchword, and the tracks on this album range from atmospheric EBM to darkly funky electro and even a touch of industrial metal. Traditionalists will enjoy the dance floor assault and rhythmic complexity of such tracks as "The Distortion Chamber" and the richly textured "I Walk Alone," and "Individual" throws in a hint of hardcore punk-styled vocals along with a synthesized organ line that weaves between hard-hitting electro beats. "Time Is The Enemy" and "Be Human Again" are more subdued but more evocative, with trippy, faintly middle-eastern influences and futuristic vocal effects, respectively, while"No Time For Compromise" and "Overpopulation" are unabashed industrial metal, power chords and all. Despite a nearly unparalleled mastery of the genre, T. seems to take things less seriously than many of his peers in the EBM scene, and a sense of black comedy pervades tracks like "Stupid People Shouldn't Breed" or the humorously obscene comedy routines sampled on "Test Samples." It makes for an album that's brilliantly crafted but lacking in snobbishness, and like the artist's recent In-FUSED side project, demonstrates an unabashed love for dark electronics that's absolutely infectious. This is EBM for the true faithful, and far more substantial than any collection of generic club hits.
DIVERJE! diversity with a flow and an aggressive edge! We lead, we do not follow! a mixture of many different things...we like to keep things original but with some sense of what we are influenced by and I think the different influences we have cause for a nice blend and original sound of our own. We also love remixes, so if you want to remix us for us to use on a compilation, CD release or myspace.com exclusives let us know..we love working with EBM, trance, noise remixers to add new twists to our tunes.
LOts of them...mainly Leather Strip, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Razed in Black, Front 242, Devo, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk,Spahn Ranch, Assemblage 23, Wumpscut, Ministry, NIN,X-Marks the Pedwalk, Aghast View, Biopsy, Cubanate, Psychopomps,KMFDM,Snog,Haujobb, Velvet Acid Christ, and I have a list of bands that I like on the Tommyt site here
Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/diverje
Link 1: http://www.dsbp.cx/diverje
Link 2: http://www.dsbp.cx
Link 3: http://www.cyberage.cx

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